Hitco Pvt. Ltd.

Hitco Pvt. Limited was initiated in 1973 and established in 1975 with the vision to serve the local organisations and companies in working in various sectors by supplying international standard equipments for increasing their efficiency and better service, hence contributing to the nationwide development.

Hitco now represents some of the leading vendors in the world like ELGI EQUIPMENTS LTD, INDIA; Sur Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd., INDIA, Tynemount Ltd. (UK); L'Air Conditionne Electra , France; SAFEX Fire Service Ltd, India; STEELAGE Industries Ltd., INDIA (GUNNEBO SWEDEN JV); Globe Detective Agencies Pvt. Ltd., INDIA; Static System, India; Advance Semiconductor Inc, (USA); Rapiscan (USA) & ECIL _ Rapiscan Ltd., (India) to name few.

We Are Representing The Following Brands In Nepali Market:

1. Elgi Equipment Ltd. Coimbatore, India : Elgi Brand

2. ATs ELGI Ltd., Coimbatore, India : ATs Elgi Brand

- Lifting Equipments
- Body Shop Equipments
- Wheel Servicing Equipments
- Lubricating Equipments
- Diagnostic Equipments
- Washing Equipments
- Special Equipments

3. Gunnebo India Ltd., India : Minimax Brand

4. ECIL Rapiscan Ltd., India : ECIL Rapiscan/Rapiscan Brand

5. Devi Karam Enterprises

6. Sur Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. : SISCO Brand

7. Newage Industries Ltd : Newage Brand

8. Supremex Equipments : Supermex Brand

9. Janatics Ltd, India : Janatics Brand

10. Static System Limited : Static System Brand

11.Techmech Handling Equipments : Jet, Agromech, Handy Brand